About us

Body Protect Products is a production unit specializing in the manufacture and marketing of Protective Textiles products for humans and its single-use environment. Our products are manufactured on fully automated production lines, and meeting the requirements of the following areas: - Hospitals - Chemical industry - Food industry - Beauty salons and Spa - Medical offices  The system for monitoring the quality of products meets the requirements of the standards: - ISO 9001 (2008) - ISO 13485 (2003) The operation and organization of our company allows to follow a short circuit by managing a system of storage and manufacturing that meet the demand of the customers, which facilitates the timely shipment of customers. The policy of our company is summarized as follows: - The best quality of the raw material used - The best working conditions of the staff in particular: the spatial framework, the working hours, the remuneration, the safety, the social protection, ... - Storage of finished products under the best conditions Our product range is detailed on our website, and we are always open to criticism and the development of new products requested by our customers.